Steering Conversions

Steering conversions are a great way to upgrade an old primitive steering system. Many of the older vehicles can benefit from being converted to a later model less complicated steering system, either manual steering or power assisted steering, Don't forget all of the Hot rodders out there! Most modern hot rods have been updated to bigger, better engines, axles, brakes and more. Be sure you don't over look the steering system. Call Benchworks®  for all of your project steering needs!

F-100 1966-75 Steering Conversion kit

           F-250 1967-77 Steering Conversion kit

Jeep Steering Conversion

Ford FE 360/390 Power Steering Pump Kit

Chevrolet/GMC 235 Strait 6 Power Steering Pump Kit

1947-1955 Chevrolet/GMC Power Steering Conversion Kit



















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